What are we?

MaterialDriven is a design agency and materials library.

With a curated range of materials in our collection, our expertise lies in locating and sourcing innovative materials, as well as understanding their applications, and impact across industries. This collection serves as the basis for strategic projects and connections that we enable– between the developers of new materials and those seeking to learn about and apply them.

To clients, we offer our extensive knowledge of cutting-edge and sustainable materials, and our large, global network of material manufacturers and makers. Leveraging our skills as designers, we are able to deliver resources, prototypes, final products and experiences.

Our services and projects cover three categories–

  • Education

  • Curation 

  • Consulting or Commercial work.

Who we work with:

Our knowledge of materials currently serves an array clients and partners, including:

  • Fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) brands

  • Real Estate Developers

  • Hotel Chains

  • Architecture and Design Studios

  • Fashion houses

  • Universities and Schools

  • Museums

  • Sustainably-minded non-profits

  • Trade Shows and Conferences

  • Materials manufacturers and hubs

Services we offer:

A. Education and Curation:

  • Curated Exhibitions and Installations

  • Educational Talks and Seminars (including guest lectures)

  • Hands-on workshops with materials, and making

  • Setting up of Materials Libraries or ‘Inspiration Walls’

  • Communication campaigns

B. Consulting and Commercial:

  • Market Intelligence Exercises and Reports

  • Material Sourcing

  • Product Development

  • Project Management

  • Material Art Consulting

Our publicly accessible materials library–based in Central London serves as a platform for both streams of our work. To learn more about our past projects and clients, click here.

Who are we?

A women-owned business with extensive combined experience in architecture, fashion and product development. To learn more about our leadership, click here.

Where are we?

Headquartered in London, in 2019 we are setting up offices in the US and Spain.