• The Company

MaterialDriven was conceived in early 2016–as an online platform that showcases innovative design, through the lens of materials and process, in an open and collaborative format.

Since then, MaterialDriven has evolved into a consultancy and incubator, playing a definitive role in the growth of young designers and material-makers. Working with its large database of emerging design talent, MaterialDriven links them to manufacturers, brands and architectural firms–each of whom can be instrumental in scaling-up their inventions and new materials. 

Additionally, MaterialDriven plays the role of curator for architectural and development projects, and educational events such as talks and exhibitions–drawing key products, installations, and makers into conversations and built projects it consults on.

  • Our Services

  • Curation on Architecture and Development projects
  • Consultancy on brand campaigns and projects
  • Incubation and resources for emerging designers
  • Educational events–Talks, Workshops and Webinars

Our role in curation and consulting: Working with emerging designers, artists, and material makers on the one hand, and their clients–architects, developers, and material manufacturers–on the other hand, MaterialDriven curates and facilitates the creation of innovative products, artwork, installations and materials at a large scale. We provide our expertise and access to our network to both our clients and the database of makers that we work with, while addressing the needs of campaigns or brand goals.

Our role in education : Through exhibitions, panel discussions, workshops for clients and interactive webinars organized by us, we play a pivotal role in shaping the conversation about material innovation. Through in-depth content on our website and knowledge-partnerships with research groups, we share the most relevant and cutting-edge learning material for creatives in our network.

Why Material-Driven?

Underlying the role we play as educators, consultants, and project collaborators, is the belief that design driven by its selection and cultivation of materials represents the future of the design world. Rather than end-products, all of our interactions and content are oriented towards three things–Materials, Process and Makers.

What we offer

  • Access to the curated pool of over 200 designers and material-makers whose innovation we support.

  • Expertise across multiple design realms, knowledge about cutting-edge material innovations.

  • Workshops and sessions in design thinking and material innovation–geared to the needs of your company, project or campaign.

  • Project or campaign design, capitalizing on our collective experience in architecture, material-curation, design and communication.

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