The MaterialDriven Collection

Image courtesy Agne Kucerenkaite

Based in Central London...

The MaterialDriven Collection is a selection of innovative materials suited for current and future use in the built environment, design disciplines such as product and industrial design, and even fashion.

Curated by MaterialDriven, this collection works comprises both commercially viable and easily specifiable products, as well as cutting edge prototypes of materials and one-of art pieces.

Sustainable solutions for our future as well as designing for circularity are at the heart of this collection. This is reflected in the range of samples- from biomaterials to waste-based and recycled products, we put a strong focus on materials that promote health and well-being, structural and energy efficiency.

The collection can be used an inspiration tool, for diverse creative projects, but also as a library to directly specify from. A large proportion of the materials in the collection are available as sheets, panels, rolls or as ready to use interior products.

The MaterialDriven Collection is based in Central London. If you would like to visit us or enquire about hours, do write to us using the form below.

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