Goodfellow Materials Hub

How artists and designers and designers can both use and feature on this platform!

At MaterialDriven, we are always looking out for new categories of materials and innovation, and resources that you can use to learn about or source them. The Goodfellow Materials Hub is one such resource. It represents a world of technical materials–previously used by science, technology and academic sectors–but now rapidly being employed and reimagined by creatives of all types. These are advanced materials whose visual and tactile potential matches their functionality. Read the rest of this page to learn about the three ways in which you can use the Materials Hub, and even be featured on it!

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A. Search for new materials

Find cutting-edge, technical materials for a variety of applications here. Discover their properties and formats…

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B. Learn from Designer Spotlights

View case-studies of how these advanced materials have been used creatively by other artists, designers and inventors…

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C. Be featured as a Designer Spotlight

Have you worked with a material seen on the Goodfellow Materials Hub? Created something beautiful or innovative with it? Go ahead and submit your work to be featured!