UPCOMING | At the Forefront of Sustainability, for the trade show Materials for Architecture, April 25th-26th 2018

After a successful debut in April 2017, Materials for Architecture returns to the ILEC Centre in West London, on 25th-26th April, 2018. The event has an ethos of innovation in the development and specification of materials for architecture, construction and design.

For Materials in Architecture 2018, MaterialDriven is curating an exhibit that will showcase both established material manufacturers and emerging makers, all of whom are working At the Forefront of Sustainability. The space, designed by us, will bring visitors into an immersive, sensory experience, while paving the way for material-makers and manufacturers to meaningfully engage with designers, architects, builders, and specifiers.

Information and registration to visit here.


At the Forefront of Sustainability

Mycelium bricks from Biohm


UPCOMING | Growing Cultures: An Introduction to Bio-Materials, A workshop by MaterialDriven for The Design Museum, May 5th 2018

Discover the potential of grown and bio-designed materials in this hands-on workshop led by MaterialDriven at the Design Museum, London.


Growing Cultures: An Introduction to Bio-Materials

Banana Lab, by Lizzie Hall

From their emergence in DIY culture to investor funded research, grown and bio-designed materials are creating new futures for design. Fungi, composites of food waste and spun materials drawn from algae are just some of the leading innovations being developed by designers, makers and scientists in this area.

This half-day workshop will provide an introduction to the world of bio-materials, through handling sessions, presentations and group discussion. Participants will cover a range of current research and innovative projects spanning emergent material makers to established industrial initiatives.

Information and registration for tickets here.

UPCOMING | Idea of North, An exhibition at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, May 11th-September 30th 2018

MaterialDriven are guest curators for the exhibition Idea of North, at the Baltic Centre for Contemporary Art, running in tandem with the Great Exhibition of the North. Designing and curating an eclectic materials display within the structure of a 7 meter diameter geodesic dome, MaterialDriven will represent the heritage and future of the North, through its materials.

Learn more about the exhibition here.


PAST | Material Nights, An gathering of material innovators hosted by MaterialDriven and Kickstarter, March 7th 2018

PAST | Talk by MaterialDriven at the Private View for Closing the Loop by Future Foundry, Horsebridge Center, February 15, 2018

Closing The Loop PV Invite.001.jpeg

PAST | ReMake: MaterialDriven presents the best of Circular Design, Official event at the London Design Festival 2017

September 18, 2017

A panel discussion and exhibit curated and moderated by us, and hosted at the dynamic workspace of Smile Plastics in London. Join us for the thought-provoking discussion, or the exhibit and and outdoor reception.

From furniture and product design to textiles and fashion; to material innovation for architecture and the built environment, designers today are employing circular thinking and shifting practices to work with consumer or manufacturing 'waste.'

An inspiring panel discussion on this topic, moderated by design consultancy MaterialDriven, featuring designers Ariane Prin, Carmen Machado, Conor Taylor, Jorge Penadés, Kriti Tula, Smile Plastics and more. Followed by curated exhibit of materials and objects, all within the dynamic workspace of Smile Plastics.


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