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Purva Chawla,



Purva is a London and Dallas-based architect and designer. In early 2016, Purva founded–a Design Consultancy and Design Education platform. During her years as a design student, Purva felt the need for media and tools that would expose design through the lens of materials and processes, rather than finished products and imagery alone–enabling real learning for young designers and artists. Later, as an architect, practicing across the United States, she felt detached from the tangible materiality of projects.

Purva began to seek out examples of innovative design and art from across the world, and expose how materials spearhead this innovation. This investigation has since lead to showcasing and building relationships with over 200 designers and artists, in 21 countries. Today, the goal for Purva and MaterialDriven’s team has evolved to highlighting and bringing innovators in materially-driven design and their clients together.

Purva is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design in Philadelphia, and the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in New Delhi, India. She can be reached at ****


Daphne Stylianou


Editorial Team Member


Daphne Stylianou is a London-based researcher interested in material culture, whose background in anthropology references cultural, social and creative processes in design. Her research into making and open design interrogates the blurred boundaries between designer and user, and the engagement of process, practice, and materiality. Working within trans-disciplinary design, she investigates co-design methods for social innovation and sustainability.

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Patricia Mato-Mora


Editorial Team Member


Patricia Mato-Mora studied architecture at the Architectural Association; and obtained her Masters at the Royal College of Art, where her dissertation 'A Single Ecstasy' was awarded a distinction.

Patricia currently teaches architecture and interior architecture at the Architectural Association, and the University for the Creative Arts respectively. Her work has been published in AArchitecture, The Architectural Review, and The Journal of Modern Craft.
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Abigail Ward           Intern


Abigail is a London-based designer, currently pursuing her MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art. She specializes in mixed-media textile design, and used detailed hand-work and material-manipulation as the focus of her design process.