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Purva Chawla


Founder and Partner

With a background in Architecture, practicing in the US and India, Purva started MaterialDriven in early 2016. In launching the online education platform, her goal was to create a space where innovative design and materials could be broadcast in an open-source format. Since then, three causes have guided her work in MaterialDriven's consultancy–incubating and promoting the work of emerging material-makers, supporting circular design and bridging the gap between innovative conceptual design and scalable manufacturing. In addition to curating exhibitions and built projects for our clients, Purva regularly lectures at universities, non-profits and conferences in the US and UK.

She is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania’s School of Design in Philadelphia, and the Sushant School of Art and Architecture in New Delhi, India. Purva can be reached at purvac@materialdriven.com

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Adele Orcajada


Adele has a background in making and developing extraordinary craft accessories for fashion, working with communities in Peru and Ecuador as well as Europe and Asia. Looking for exciting material innovation has always been one of her passions. During her masters in MA Applied Imagination at Central Saint Martins she researched the relationship between materials, culture and identity, graduating with Distinction. Since then, she has been a Material Researcher and Curator at a London Material Library, developing exhibitions and presentations that support designers and architects in their material discovery. As project coordinator at Material Driven, she supports and connects the new generations of material makers with industry leaders and suppliers.

She can be reached at adele@materialdriven.com


Daphne Stylianou

Editorials and Education

Daphne Stylianou is a London-based researcher interested in material culture, whose background in anthropology references cultural, social and creative processes in design. Her research into making and open design interrogates the blurred boundaries between designer and user, and the engagement of process, practice, and materiality. Working within trans-disciplinary design, she investigates co-design methods for social innovation and sustainability.

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Abigail Ward        


Past Intern

Abigail is a London-based designer, currently pursuing her MA in Textile Design at the Royal College of Art. She specializes in mixed-media textile design, and used detailed hand-work and material-manipulation as the focus of her design process.